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Introduction to the Carthage Revolt

Introduction to the Carthage Revolt

The Carthage Revolt, from the 1.6 update, introduces new equipment (Hardcore Equipment, whose stats are still unknown). As well, it introduces not one but TWO new sets of NPCs (Criminals and the Carthage Revolt), and several new items relating to the NPCs and equipment.

The coolest part about the Carthage Revolt: it is league based. Everyone who joins will be eligible for item drops. Only people in your league can join the battle, so there are no worries about bad dummies or the like (though when it was first released, that was bugged). However, everyone who joins will have to pay the join price.

There are give kinds of NPC players in the Carthage Revolt: Carthage Thugs, Carthage Insurgents, Carthage Revolt, Carthage Revolt Main Forces, and the Carthage Revolt Leader.

The Carthage Revolt takes a special item to launch. The two lower levels (Thugs and Insurgents) take a Sample Repression Horn, which can be procured in two ways: a Daily Quest and through the Thugs and Insurgents (with greater drops in the 10th level). The two higher levels (Revolt and Revolt Main Forces) take a Repression Horn, which can be procured in two ways: the Supply Exchange and through the Revolt (with greater drops in the 10th level). The highest level (Schemers) require a Repression Permit, which can be procured in two ways: through the Supply Exchange and through the Revolt Main Forces. They all have a two minute fight time, and each level has a different return marching time..

Carthage Thugs

Approximate Location TBA
Item Required Sample Repression Horn
Minimum Rank Aedile
Marching Time 10 min
Loss Rate 20%
Refresh Time 9 hrs
Player Limit 10
Hero Limit 20
Rewards Luxuries (Dye, Spices, possibly Wine) and Sample Repression Horns.

The enemy troops on a level 1 are: 10,400 Hast and 5,200 Sag.

Carthage Insurgents

Approximate Location [1,379] [13,378] [80,425] [84,429] [107,438][45,467] [71,481] [103,468]
Item Required Sample Repression Horn
Minimum Rank Tribune
Marching Time 15 min
Loss Rate 30%
Refresh Time 13 hrs
Player Limit 3
Hero Limit 5
Rewards Luxuries (Wool, Silk), Large Pack, POT 5 Hero, Sample Repression Horn, Repression Horn (10th Level)

The enemy troops on a level 1 are: 31,200 Hast, 5,200 Equites, 20,800 Sag, and 3,900 Ballistae.

Carthage Revolt

Approximate Location [65,395] [38,410] [97,390] [130,447] [118,448] [85,426] [83,417] [91,418] [80,469] [84,460]
Item Required Repression Horn
Minimum Rank Legate
Marching Time 30 min
Loss Rate 40%
Refresh Time 15 hrs
Player Limit 3
Hero Limit 5
Rewards Luxuries (Furs, Incense), Repression Horn, POT Hero, Black Ore (10th Level)

The enemy troops on a level 1 are: 45,108 Equites, 53,844 Ballistae, 172,272 Principes.

Carthage Revolt Main Force

Approximate Location [86,446] [80,458] [94,463] [88,477] [104,483]
Item Required Repression Horn
Minimum Rank Major General
Marching Time 15 min
Loss Rate 60%
Refresh Time 21 hrs
Player Limit 5
Hero Limit 5
Rewards Luxuries (Ivory, Diamond), Repression Horn, Repression Permit (10th Level), Silver Ore (10th Level)

The enemy troops on a level 1 are: 217,380 Principes and 53,844 Onagers.


Approximate Location TBA
Item Required Repression Permit
Minimum Rank Marshal
Marching Time 15 min
Loss Rate 80%
Refresh Time 2 hrs
Player Limit 5
Hero Limit 10
Rewards Repression Permit, Black Ore, Silver Ore, Hardcore Emblem

The enemy troops on a level 1 are: 652,140 Principes and 161,532 Onagers.

Originally posted 1 July 2011, updated 28 Aug 2011.


  1. “The coolest part about the Carthage Revolt: it is league based. Everyone who joins will supposedly be eligible for item drops”

    So far this isn’t working, but I hope they fix it. The league aspect would be a nice addition.

  2. We noticed on b8 the troop counts go up TREMENDOUSLY by level on main revolt probably holds true with the others

    • Two of my leaguemates on s1-6 sent me reports throughout the RC. I’ll be compiling those in and reformatting this (and fixing the images, as they changed after I rebooted) some time tomorrow. Anyone from HT can mail me reports there, as well.

      I didn’t get a chance to look today, my laptop crashed and took awhile to come back (overheating ftl). I’ll try to take care of that other thing after I update this.

  3. Ok… looks alot like only people who join the arena get loot, this has been tested over 50 times by ADI on X2 and by BountyHunters on Voltron(Mochi) and each time the ones who added got loot, the initiator did not. They’re just begging us to use alts now >.>

    • I believe that is a bug, because they said specifically that everyone including the ones who join would get drops, nothing about the launcher not getting drops.

      But until they fix it, you could just go DH and not share. Every time I did that on the Thugs this morning before work, I got a SRH.

  4. My scheming on the Schemers.

    I’ve gone over the calculations several times and the best I can figure with the schemers (using Skullbearer as a base and using ratios) is that based on the hero cap the smartest way to go about it is to use 3 255′s, all with full fearless (or a few select pieces of hardcore if you have it at that point), all with a 1/1/Big Equite Stack and a back row of small ona sponges.

    By my reckoning each player hero will 2-round each enemy hero, and lose between 8500-11500 equites (8500 with techs at 30, 11500 with techs near 10) less whatever the loss percentage is, so it’s pretty pricey either way.

    With the 10-hero limit it should also be feasible to use 2 heroes and dummies instead of 3, though at the cost of precious Repression Permits, so really the higher equite loss is probably a lot more worth it than using some dummies.

    • The latter’s probably a better idea, though: since it drops for everyone (and drops better the more people are in the arena), having 2 heros + 4 dummies gets the maximum 5 people in. I believe the drop rate is supposed to be 100% for the Repression Permits (though not 1:1 — 2 heroes still nets a 1 loss).

      • Mmm also don’t know if you’d have any interest in this, but if you’d like I can contribute to the collective here.

        I was pondering a bleeding guide, as that’s one of the more fun things one can do in this game to antagonize another player, and there’s certainly an art to it.

        In fact that is my main entertainment right now on Game321. And Haderach, if you are reading this, once your truce starts cooling off in 11 hours, 45 minutes the fun will resume. Too bad you’ll be in bed, since it will be 4:30 am in Hungary at that point. I’ll make sure you wake up to a nice surprise though!

        • That’d be great! I made you an account, but you’ll need to finish creating it :)

        • LMFAO @p0m

      • I am a pro at Caesary from Kong sever. And now I played again the Caesary at the server 23 with nick:Morinho. About the farming to have lux is so much time. So I wonder that Would you can share with me the scripts for Caesary ( I use Crome)

        • A real pro joins older servers not noob servers. And funny aint ever heard your name mentioned by any of the pros on from k1. We’re on b8 think you can hang?

          • Oh please, it’s not like you guys didn’t join one of the newest servers on .net when you moved from k1.

            • Well thats a technicality considering i was on b1 before k1 :P
              BTW b8′s dead anyways im done with the game its too much bs. Now Im on senatry server k1 all who are upto it feel free to come over, join the family brutii (upon completion of macedon map)
              And HG T0l0 and LatorGator have put together some pretty neat guides for senatry

  5. Hey HG!

    If you don’t mind send me some instructions on finishing the setup, as well as flushing out my “About” page and creating posts, etc.


    • I’ll send you/DtG/Noso an email later this week, but if you scroll to the bottom of the front page after you log in (the dashboard), you’ll see 3 blocks labelled “drafts in progress” / “wp hints” / “articles to review”… you can move them around on the page, mine are at the top. All of us can see & edit them. :)

  6. I did some schemers levels with people in my league, on level 2-4 me and the other guy both got our passes back. On level 5, 4 of us went in, DHHH and we all got a piece of fruit and then we couldn’t go on. So at this point, none of it is worth it. If the drops aren’t 100% for permits, you really cant do much.

    • Same here Liakos. I blew through 2 Permits to help push it up through 6.

      On 5 I got Fruit. Yep, fruit. Totally worth the pile of dead equites and hasts/sags to get there, considering theretofore I kept getting my Permit back. Not on the 5; just fruit. I can’t emphasize enough how annoyed I am at this prize.

      I figured, hey, maybe it’s a fluke and used my other Permit to help on Round 6. For that Round I got back… wait for it… absolutely nothing.

      So ends my hitting of the Carthage Revolt. Liakos is 1000% right: unless the Permit drops back 100% of the time on Schemers I’m not going to swing at them as at the rate of Permit usage for them it would be well over a month before I could score a single piece of desirable Hardcore Equipment. I’ll just keep using my Fearlessness equipment and Rain Hats, as the Fearlessness equipment is generally superior to the Hardcore stuff anyway, except for select pieces of equipment.

      • Can you mail me the BRs of the 6 you did on 321? Or at least, the enemy #s for the levels? I don’t have any for Schemers coz I’ve been too busy to grind, still 16 diamonds, 7 dracos, and 3/ea furs/incense/ivory away from Marshal :p

        BTW: were you soloing the battles, or did you have others in DT drop with you? When I was playing around with DtG and Chaos right after it released, I noticed that I got significantly higher drops on the battles where we hit the max number of people. The fewer people, the lower the drops. If this is normal, it could be their way of back door encouraging the whole “teamwork” aspect of things.

        • Mmm No we had 5 players in each battle. Almost all of us got the shaft.

          Unfortunately I lack the battle replays, but once we get 6 Permits banked we are going to run it through 10.

          Though I will say on 321 we came up with a 3-round method that resulted in much lower losses than what was suggested to me by players of other servers.

          Lol more to follow, sorry for teasing. :)

  7. small typing error, threw me off gaurd, Carthage Revolt says iron ore, and there is no iron ore i can see of. im just only wanting to help fix it cause it caused me a little confusion. i hope u take my criticism nicely, i meant no harm.

    • Thanks! I think some of the docs I read mixed black ore and iron ore :)


    thats the best set up for fighting a carthage revolt, 3 people with good heroes good equip and that set up, you take it in turns to run it to round 5, then you all do round 5, take it in turns to get it to round 10, then all 3 of you do it its quick and easy.

    • Sorry Migas, but that is not the best setup.

      We’ve got a better setup to hit the Revolt on 321. We are hitting Schemers, 3-rounding it, and I’m losing maybe 6,400 actual equite loss on my hero, and about 600 onas actual loss.

      Next time we beat up some Schemers I’ll send HG the replay so she can video capture it for posterity. But suffice to say it’s definately a better method, if not the best, than the one you are putting forth as such.

      • Let me guess: a variant of 6D3H?

        • yeah we’re not using dummies because those losses can be rebuilt in a day, we’re not going to start using dummies so if yours doesnt include them ill be happy to see :)

        • Nope, no dummies on Schemers if you’re going to 3-round it. What works best for us is to have 3 units do the heavy lifting, in the following EXACT order:

          Hero 1: RoA Unit (Rain Hat and Fearless Sword Mandatory)
          Hero 2: RoA Unit (same as Hero 1)
          Hero 3: Equite Sweeper (I set mine up with 1/1/BigStack with a back row of 500/500/500 onas to take some of the beating).

          Essentially, the RoA heroes soften up enemy hero 3 by the time the sweeper hits to where my 152k+ equite stack 1-rounds him. After that each subsequent round is another enemy hero dead.

          3-rounds, minimal loss. Done.

          If other leaguemates want a drop they can toss whatever they want in for heroes 4 and 5, because anything past hero 3 is not seeing any action.

          • Really, 6d3h with that config has more losses? I wouldn’t think so since the prin double shot would be avoided and Schemers are supposedly 5 ppl/10 hero…

        • We don’t fool with dummies on 321 because we’ve gotten the losses down to an acceptably low level–and using 6 dummies and 3 heroes with the 5 player limit would mean that four of the players would have to sacrifice two Permits for one drop, or fewer players if three or more Permits are paid per player, but that’s even more wasteful of Permits.

          Yes using a lot of dummies would reduce losses, but it would essentially at least double the time it takes for players to get equipment from this promotion.

          But nailing the Schemers with heroes only avoids wasted permits.

          Using dummies to dodge the prin missile attack is kind of a waste if you want to conserve permits (i.e., 5 players, 1 hero each), as it guarantees that one player will have a hero getting his rear kicked the first round, and the prin missile hit would still be pretty beastly on the second round.

          Instead, with our way, yes each hero takes a prin missile hit, but with fearlessness equipment it’s not particularly bad (those onas are the real SOB’s there IMO), and the second round prin missile hit is pretty comparatively weak from one enemy hero being eliminated and the other two having been pincushioned in round 1 by the RoA units.

          To sum, our take on it is that given the rate at which permits accumulate (1 every 2 days) and how large of an amount of silver and black ore, and hardcore emblems is needed for just one piece of some of the equipment, let alone a combination of the only two pieces of clearly superior-to-fearlessness equipment (Armor, Boots) and the Helm (which is better for PVP ,though the fearlessness helm still dominates for farming), effectively doubling or tripling the time it will take for some of us to get this equipment at the cost of lower losses is a very poor trade.

          The equipment the devs came out with here is pretty neat I guess, but until the devs make the Permits drop back 100% of the time on Schemers it’s really not that great of a promo because the equipment takes longer to get than most players play before they quit.

          I’m sure the devs will shut down the promo some day and then sell the hardcore stuff for a ridiculous price. *coughs* Rain Hats *cough cough*

        • Permit limitations (and their subsequent effects) are a different issue than min loss. :p

          • Well HG I wanted to say this back then but was busy, dummies are virtually a thing of the past, its actually rather hard to use your site’s info on how to do certain npc’s, as i, nor many i know, rarely ever use dummies, its quite frankly an utter waste of time, and plaza times. Using dummies guarantees you will not win the race, as everyone not using dummies get done loading several times quicker. Nonetheless, I no longer play caesary, there is no reason to continue on b8 and i have had enough of the continued bs the developers pull.

            • The only NPC where launch time is an issue is the RC, and I have never recommended using a dummy to launch them. (And, in fact, on levels 21-40, it’d be pointless unless you’ve got cav block equipment on it, because the first cav division would sweep through the dummy.) Everything else has a fixed launch time (or, in the case of wilds, doesn’t have a ‘level limit’).

              Regarding your other comment: the majority of the people you know have Saturn Rain Hat(s) and multiple full sets of Fearlessness. They are VERY experienced players, and typically are familiar with the common strategies with the game. They don’t need walkthroughs to give a starting point for strategies.

              • True to a point, on the second. Very experienced does not necessarily mean they know the minimum to win single hero everytime though.

  9. And since the other ran out of space for proper nested quoting, here’s a new line :D

    I wonder what’s the loss like with HRoA2DHRoAHcav/ona? The first HRoA would get more damage from having the extra round, but does it compensate for a lower amount of damage in the other two heroes in the second round (lower numbers, etc)?

    And regardless: what if you changed Hcav to be 140k-140k with random sag in the back to fill out your faculty? Is 140k cav enough to sweep (too lazy to check)?

    that is lv 10 of revolt.
    This is the point, is not at all encouraging have to wait days to get passes, so that after using them only be helpful and not even be returned it at least. this really is shit … unless someone has a nice strategy … do not waste my time more.

    pd: in the attack sequence (lv 1 – lv 10) I did nt alone, and no result gave the items to all.

    disappointing the new axis …


      Thats how to do it with low losses. That sort of setup works for all the pink dots. Sure, using an equ sweeper might save you some hast, but when you mass produce hast and sags at the rate I do, it takes much less time to replace the hast as it does to replace the equ lost by using an equ sweeper.

      In my experience, most of the time one of the players will get the full drop from the lvl 10. It was Blakes turn this time round.

      The way we handled the previous 9 rounds was quite simple: we all piled into 1-4, as the horn gets returned 100% of the time, all helped out on the lvl 5 to lower losses, and we shared out the 6-9 rounds between us. Ive found that in 6-9 you get your horn back 50% of the time. When you include horn losses from lvl 5 and lvl 10, each player involved usually only loses two horns on average, which makes hitting revolts and main revolts a viable option.

  11. hast/sag works best its the cheapest… but i use eq/sag since eq is pretty much crap on lekool

    • and btw i have noticed… on lvl 5 and 10 for me… being the last one to join on revolt and schemers gives me full drop i got HC helm in 2 days and this set has better damage then full fearless + rain hat… i <3 it :P

      • The Hardcore helmet is in fact worse than fearless, we have yet to test the shield but on a numbers game the best combo is Saturn Hat/Fearless helm HC armor (unless princis are used) HC boots HC sword on numbers fearless shield appears to be better but will be sure shortly

  12. thought you guys might be interested in a nice Mains setup for 5 people.


    with rainhat. low losses. 3 round victory

    hammer in second spot, causes no extra hits on the hammer by the big prin stacks.

  13. hi does anyone know the reset time’s off the pinks?

    • It says when they reset when you click them….><

  14. Add Ivory to Carthage Revolt… I got one on level 9.

  15. Think schemers refresh time is wrong

  16. hi
    i have tried revolt main force lvl 10 with 3H with lion sets i guess

  17. Hi HAPPY NEW YR all i love this site!! i am on B28 ..

    I am wondering if some1 can give me a gd formula for Carthage Insurgeons plz.This is what we were using i think of top of head..

    1-4.. D-H
    lev5.. Anvil/big Dummy of 100/100/100 hast & sags 2 H’s ?
    6-9..D-H ?
    Lev 10 Anvil/H/H/H ( we could use 1 hammer less if bigger players)..

    In our case its norm Middle players helping Lower players get Lux & exp of arena Great for league moral..That fotmula were usingcould be impoved can any1 help TYVM keep up gr8 work… Human Girl.. peace to all ♥

  18. Schemers Lv.1 is wrong principes is 326070 and Onagers is 80766

    • It’s not unusual for the devs to tweak the numbers at maintenance and not tell anyone. Thanks for the update!

  19. CommentJust making sure, but the carthage revolt main force does not drop a black ore?

    • No Main revolt does not drop Black Ore, Main revolts only drop Silver Ore. Carthage Revolt drops Black Ore and Schemers drops both Black and Silver Ore.

      Level 10 Revolt full drop:

      Level 10 Main Revolt full drop:

  20. I am still on currently on server b50, i would be willing to take over work on this site if i can get help from others, as the carthage area and other parts are not as in depth and while others need brought upto date a bit. Also we have had the introduction of the utterly useless rebel alliance but along with it new pieces of equipment.

  21. I only ever hit schemers once all the mains/revolts are taken hence I don’t find permits too much of a problem, as of now i’v got 52 permits all from mainforces…. just repression horns are a problem.
    Also to add to D.J’s comment, schemers do indeed drop both silver and black on level 5 as well as level 10


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