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LowTek’s Auto Farm

LowTek’s Auto Farm

This script was written by a leaguemate of mine from  the k1 server on Kongregate, LowTek. He didn’t like to farm for luxury items (and this was back before 1.5 made it go insane after you hit 5th Legion Chief!), so he used an Auto Hot Key script to spam heros at a wild. With this script, you could farm while you were sleeping – and if done correctly, you wouldn’t even run out of physical!

Keep in mind, it’s not without its risks: if someone thinks you’re blindly botting, they may sit on your wild and spike you until you’ve lost all the troops you’ve sent. I have removed the scripting code and left only the executable. I plan on eventually posting some how-tos for script writing, so if you want to go and make your own script, you will be equipped to do so.


DISCLAIMER: Please check the TOS for the server you use. Not all servers allow you use third-party scripts the way Kongregate and do. I know that Aeria did not allow it and LeKool does not allow it. Use at your own risk – sometimes crazy things happen if there’s lag and you may be fightin’ a 10 instead of a 3. There’s also the issue of it being a questionably against the TOS of your server. Since there’s a set time interval between sending waves of attacks and attacks in that wave, it is detectable by anti-bot scripts on the server. On LeKool, the penalty for botting is stiff: they will ban you, and you will have to convince them that you were NOT botting, and you will be unable to do so. The risks mentioned are not the only risks you face if you use this script. Be smart – make sure it’s allowed before you use it.

NOTE: This script is ©2010 by LowTek. If you want to redistribute it, you need to talk to him. If you want to share it with your league, your server, what have you: link it here.


  1. Wow I did not expect to see this again xD
    I thought they changed the layout and this script stopped working last year? Well anyway, greet the Mercs, if you see them ;-)
    As always:
    Have Fun & Good Luck

    • LowTek! :D AutoFarm didn’t change with the 1.5 update, but many of the other scripts did. I ended up rewriting a whole bunch of them & combining them into one script, but AF is a classic.

      The Mercs are all over now – many of them went to b8, but Plaid and I joined up with some k6 guys for a few servers, most lately LeKool’s s8. I’ll tell Gallis you said hi, and Plaid the next time I see him!

  2. Hey, I love your website and everything in it!

    I would like to ask , how to farm level 7 wilds or 8 wilds with this. How can you create dummies as it seems only good for lvl 2 or below wilds. Im probably wrong :P But it would be good if I get a reply on this :D

    Thanks alot!
    Love your site

    • 1) Sufficiently equipped, you do not need dummies to have relatively low losses. For instance, I usually only lose around 200 hast or 75 cav on level 10 wilds with my heroes. It means I couldn’t spam my entire plaza, but I could, say, do half of it.

      2) I have an adapted version of the script that uses DDH (and lets you set the decoy configuration) and does up to 3 heroes at a time. I haven’t released all of the scripts I have yet, as I’ve got to re-compile them to be cross platform & it takes some time to set up. There are maaaaany more scripts in my library – decoy makers, WSC/RC spammers, arena join spams (defense AND offense), and much, much more.

      This has only been a tip of the iceberg. I’ve got calculators and simulators too, which’ll help you figure out (say) the best way to tax juggle for your particular city or what your decoys need to be with a given tech level/equipment, and more :)

  3. I see, well I would be mainly attacking level 7 and 8 wilds and as I am in a new server, we havent got any equipment :P

    Nice to see so many scripts! Would be extremely useful once you release it!


  4. Also, could you make a guide on defeating Axis – FS and rest , without equipment and a typical lvl 50 hero. Most of the guides Ive seen are with equipment :/ Thanks alot ;) If you need any help with the guides/making a forum , please tell here (Im experienced in making a forum)

    And what was your name in DT :) ?

    • I used to run the DT forum, no problems with that. ^.^ I wasn’t planning on having a forum with this for the time being, as I find the vast majority of people do nothing more than read the information and use it, which makes a blog a perfect vehicle. I have a few friends that will be writing some things up (like a *great* strategy for level 7′s and 8′s that gives minimal loss with – get this – less than 15 troops lost from decoys … and no equipment use).

      I’ve been working on a guide for AoI — it’s the best way to take crappy heroes and make ‘em awesome, and is the best way to get the emblems for equipment, AND most of the existing guides want insane heroes. Getting access to the FS is hard on my server, and that’s been the main block.

  5. Ooh I see, well you could check if the hits increases for this website and depending on that you could see if you could make a forum.

    Cant wait for those strategies to be upload, Im waiting for new articles constantly :D AoI would be especially crucial. Once you get access to the FS , please upload :D


  6. hello, i cant understand how this works, can u please make a vid of it :D

  7. Thanks for the awesome information in this article. I will be back to read more of your reviews and I have saved this website. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thank you for useful info. :-)

  9. Hey man I only wanted to take a moment to say I love to read your blog.

  10. Hey, Human-Girl I take it your still playing?

    • Yup! I ended up staying with Plaid on 321, b10, and LeKool. Plaid’s gone offline, but I still play on the s1-6 megaserver on LeKool.

      • you should stop by b8 and come to honortrinity

  11. wow i just use a macro to do my farming, and job creating, and various other things lol… i set my farmer up so i did 3 marauds(30 physical) then used 2 bread (30 physical) and looped it or set it to how many i wanted to do, ofcourse this only works with a hero that has 150 max physical

    • What kind of macro did you use? I found that most recorders suck for session-to-session reliability, because you need to have your browser in the exact same spot.

      • yeah it does have to be exact on the browser and zoom, basically use a shortcut to get cursor co ords then add it and put what time delay you want, its easy and quick to use, the idea of looking for one came when i was trying to farm and play xbox at the same time >.< wasnt working lol

  12. Just says, cannot find caesary when started.

    • - >> Can’t find Caesary. < <

      Obviously the game must be the current window.
      Also the detection image is the "buddies" button to the top left. It must be visible.

      It also must be at 100% zoom. If your browser resizes Caesary as you change the width of the browser, you need the browser wide enough that Caesary doesn’t shrink.

  13. The other day, one of the admins from lekool contacted me about this script, saying that it’s unfair and “offers too much advantages”.

    It’s a point that I would like to address, and that is the philosophy behind me making this script in particular public.

    I don’t believe it’s a significant advantage, and in some ways, it actually acts to level the playing field (as anyone who googles “caesary farming script” will find it). Scripts like this (and more) exist, and knowledge of this is kept very hush-hush within leagues, often being discussed only with the most trusted friends.

    Anyone who uses it on an active server will find that it’s a two sided sword. While it makes grinding out maps and lux trivial (or not so trivial with how low the lux drop rates are these days), it’s also an easy way to lose troops (especially if enemies realize it’s essentially a grinding bot that’s going without decoys). Not even rivers are safe since there are also browser extensions that will detect water-based arenas.

    In the long run, grinding out lux is pretty meaningless for the game play, especially after you get to 5th Legion Chief, when lux has no influence on the level or number of cities — just what rank (and thus equipment) you have. When I started playing Caesary, people were rarely ever lux locked for promo – it was almost always prestige. (Hell, I didn’t even grind very much and by the time I was Legate, I had the lux through Caesar pre-1.5, and after 1.5, I was AoI-locked, not lux locked.) Now, it’s almost always lux, because drop rates have dropped so low, and that’s annoying..

    • Hey can you release the fire finder please :D Thanks

      • No. The ones I know about aren’t “merely” macro scripts (the way this and the others are).

  14. Can be really usefull but without dummies/Anvils will prolly have to wait till i can burn off troops

  15. THis is like soo Awesome! Lol HG ur the hero for caesary :) ) . keep it up.

  16. CHEATERS!!!

    • how?

  17. Has anyone found this to be not working now? I’ve been using it for a long time, and all of the sudden now it will start the script, but gives the error “could not find details.bmp

    • That should be a fairly easy thing for me to fix. Give me about a week or two — I moved last week and we just got internet back at our new house and have a ton of emails and the like to go through.

      • Hello, HG I got a pretty cool script running, its a combination of some that I found here, I want it to do some more stuff.
        Now I can make it maraud, colonize, gang attack, build troops, levy resources, working on making it do some building, it also rotates tired hero’s.
        You think you can help me with some other stuff I’m having problems with? like input boxes for how many waves, and which targets to attack.

        • Yeah, sure! (Sorry about the delay, I keep forgetting to look at the new comments.) We actually have a forum devoted to macro scripting, and that would be a great place to go to ask your questions! Plus, my buddy Tek (the guy who wrote this script) sometimes chimes in, and he knows way more about AHK than I do :)

        • hey if u can hook me up with that… i dont have alot of time these days and i could use something that builds and such..idk how to make one :D lemme know!

    • Thanks!

  18. Yep, I came back here to redownload it, but after downloading it again it still seems to not work. No recent maintenance or patch though, so I’m not really sure why.

  19. Does this work again yet?

    • Not yet

  20. I downloaded this but my dat folder is missing the autofarm icon so i only have 6 of the 7 icons can anyone help me with this?

    • It has been like this for a while, but it looks like nobody will fix it now :(

      • It works fine, thats only an icon

  21. Nice Script Along with the HG Mega Script Thing Dummy Loader and More! when my level is where u need many res to make ques…this comes in handy, thanks keep it up HG

  22. For some reason i couldn’t open it on a mac, so i uploaded it separately here

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