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Re-education of heroes

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Game News | 2 comments

In a stab to be more like Evony / Senatry (and in short: make you spend more money), last month’s software update (CoR 1.1) allows you to “educate” your heroes, to give a permanent buff on their trait points. I don’t know if these buffs are counted when giving the additional Caesar Marque / et all buffs or not.

There are three medals that can be applied: Copper Medal, Silver Medal, and Gold Medal. The Copper Medal has the lowest rate of success, and the Gold Medal has the highest level of success. You can get a daily trade for Copper Medals (x10/day) or purchase it for 2g, but Silver and Gold Medals can only be had via purchase (5g and 8g, respectively).

Sounds great – but before you whip out your Visa, there’s a catch: if the medal doesn’t succeed, it could actually reduce your added buffs.

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Laudatio funebris

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Game News | 14 comments

As of today, I will no longer be updating the blog. While servers of Caesary / Call of Roma do still exist, at this point in time, all of my accounts (save for my b10 and 337 accounts) are gone, and both are so low level, I will be essentially starting over.

If anyone wishes to continue where I have left off in informing of game updates, strategy, etc, please comment and I will give you an account to do so. I may continue writing about the lawsuits.

The calculators, battle replays, and what not will continue to be usable.

Our (QU’s) plans, however, haven’t really changed. Hopefully, now that I’m not doing Caesary after work, I’ll be squeezing in more time and be able to finish the APIs and re-do the site layout to incorporate our new logo & start working with our open beta games. We’ll be pushing single player games regularly, so the arcade will continue to grow. The forum is, as it has been, open (yet dead).

Unrelated: Evony contacted us about the lawsuit todayish, so we may try to interview them, if there’s any interest in hearing their side of things. ^^

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Host Status, as I know them

Posted by on Oct 14, 2011 in Game News | 26 comments

* 337 (Portuguese/German/Turkish)
* Call of Roma (fka,
* Call Roma (fka LeKool)
* Playality
* Suba Games

* / (now:

* InGame (Japanese)

* Aeria
* game321
* Kongregate
* Mochi Games
* R2 Games
* LeKool (as “Caesary” and “Call of Roma”)
* YooGames

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Introduction to the Carthage Revolt

Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Carthage Revolt | 52 comments

The Carthage Revolt, from the 1.6 update, introduces new equipment (Hardcore Equipment, whose stats are still unknown). As well, it introduces not one but TWO new sets of NPCs (Criminals and the Carthage Revolt), and several new items relating to the NPCs and equipment.

The coolest part about the Carthage Revolt: it is league based. Everyone who joins will be eligible for item drops. Only people in your league can join the battle, so there are no worries about bad dummies or the like (though when it was first released, that was bugged). However, everyone who joins will have to pay the join price.

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Equipment Skills To Be Removed & Queue Cancellation Cost 20%

Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in Game News | 6 comments

For those of you who haven’t heard, the last maintenance “corrected” the fact that we have been getting all of our troops back with queue cancellation since, oooh, roughly 1.15 or 1.17. There’s now a 20% PER QUEUE CANCELLATION fee — oh, instants, you just got a little more painful. It’s not even the semi-friendly queue cancellation that initially existed (which only affected the currently processing queue); this bad-boy affects every queue. On LeKool, there’s a huge discussion about it, but the admins say the devs aren’t budging on the issue AND are claiming that it’s only on LeKool that players are complaining. Apparently they didn’t notice the topic on .net, not that they were complaining all that much.

As well, the final decision is in for equipment skills: they are NOT removing the skills in existing equipment. They ARE removing the skills in new equipment, but are NOT adjusting the traits. They ARE allowing trade ins of old equipment for new, for gold, and for other things. GET YOUR LION/FEARLESSNESS ARMOR AND LOYAL SWORDS WHILE YOU CAN!

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Vulcan Equipment

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Equipment | 10 comments

Vulcan Equipment was part of a three-week mid-autumn event in 2011, from 14 September – 7 October. The items cost Regional Emblems – the emblems you can get through the Rebel Cities or AoI – as well as other things (Medal of Craft, Drachma). Medal of Crafts randomly drop from the WSC (rounds 11-30) and can be additionally exchanged (3/day) with 3 Red WSC Passes and 3 Drachma; a 10 pack is available via 100 gold (server limit 3). Drachma can be exchanged (2/day) with 3 Gray Aglets.

In addition, all equipment also randomly drops from RC 50s.

Unlike the Spartan Equipment, his equipment is slated to be very unlimited in nature, via the Supply line (rather than a Daily Quest, as previous equipment has been).

The minimum hero level is to use the Vulcan Equipment is currently unknown, but given the lower stats, I suspect it will be between 20 and 30.

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Damage Equations Explored

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Against NPCs, Against Players | 8 comments

There are two popular versions of the damage equations that I’ve seen running around.

The first, popularized by Caesary-Wiki, is: damageoff*(offenseoff*boostsoff)/(defensedef*boostsdef)

They don’t explain how to calculate the boosts, but most seem to think it’s either a product or a sum or both (depending on the kind of boost, since there are tech boosts, troop boosts, hero boosts, and type of troop boosts).

The second, most recently posulated by viralbunny:

*puts on maths hat*
equites no matter what anyone says are the bees knees. but hestati are the bain of them. they soak up equite damage by generic ability resist ambush assault. basically they rock Vs equites in superior numbers. now i too get 37 damage given out by equites using your attack specs.

the only plausable way to do this is backwards maths.

damage 37. how?

bonus is 16. yep. my bonus is 36% (tech) base damage 20 -25. somewhere in here is the answer.

lowest base attk
20 (plus 36%) = 27.2. (+16 (bonus) -8 (hest defence) ) = 35.2
highest base attk
25 (plus 36%) = 34 (+16 (bonus) -8 (hest defence) ) = 42

split the diffference anyone? 39 attack.

now as you said 1 or two points off yes for heroes randomness?

you get your 37 attack.

bunny maths result? calculator needs upgrading or new batteries.
viralbunny Post at 9-6-2011 22:17

First of all, bunny’s equation is simply wrong. He uses damageoff*bonusoff + offenseoff – defensedef. He doesn’t appropriately apply the tech bonus (it goes to offense), and doesn’t at all consider security (which goes to defense).

More appropriately, his equation would be more along the lines of (damage + offense*tech_offense_boost)*troop_bonus – defense*tech_bonus*defense_boost. Why do I say that instead of adding in the troop bonus or offense ? Let’s do some exploration.

Recall, from the base troop information:

Troops Damage Offense Defense HP
Hastati 3-6 8 8 60
Equites 20-25 16 16 250

In all the examples (both battle replays and equations, we’re using my techs: FP (13), Eq (11), Sec (12). All troops will come from the same city, so there’s no weird tech games going on. There will be no equipment in play. The target: a level 2 Sands near that city. For the purposes of eliminating bias from parry/bravery, all heroes will have 16 bravery/parry unless otherwise stated. So, properly applying the technology, we get:

Troops Damage Offense Defense HP
Hastati 3-6 11.12 11.04 60
Equites 20-25 21.76 22.08 250

So, let’s look at what would happen with Hastati attacking Equites under VB’s (corrected) equation:

First, let’s try it as a net damage boost:

(3 + 11.12 – 22.08)*1.8 = -14.51
(6 + 11.12 – 22.08)*1.8 = -11.51
Average: -13.01
Whoops, we got a negative damage! Let’s try that again.

Now let’s try it as a simple damage boost:

3*1.8 + 11.12 – 22.08= -5.56
6*1.8 + 11.12 – 22.08 = -0.16
Average: -2.86
Whoops! Let’s try that again.

Finally, let’s try it as a net positive damage boost:

(3 + 11.12)*1.8 – 22.08 = 3.336
(6 + 11.12)*1.8 – 22.08 = 8.736
Average: 6.04

As you can see, under VB’s equation, that’s the only way that makes any sense.

On the flip side, the CW way gives us:

3 * 11.12 *1.8 / 22.08 = 2.720
6 * 11.12 *1.8 / 22.08 = 5.439
Average: 4.08

Since Caesary uses a standard rounding, they both have a 3 as a lower bound, but the upper bound is 5 for one and 9 for the other.

But, for shits and giggles, let’s also look at what the equations say the answer should be for equites attacking hastati. After all, since the Hastati values were so close, and we’ll get the result anyway.
VB’s method says:

20 + 21.76 – 11.04 = 30.72
25 + 21.76 – 11.04 = 35.72
Average: 33.22

CW’s method says:

20 * 21.76 / 11.04 = 39.40
25 * 21.76 / 11.04 = 49.28
Average: 44.34

Our results?

Test Replay Hast Damage Equite [Flank] Damage Equite [close] Damage
A Replay 6 48 32
B Replay 4 54 36
C Replay 4 56 37
D Replay 4 57 38
E Replay 4 59 40
F Replay 5 48 32
Max/min 4-6 48-59 32-40
Average 4.5 53.67 36

I list both flank and close damage values because all of the equations above assume close assault, but my formation gave flank damage from my equites, due to the relative div position of the hast versus cav.

While the Hastati-to-Equite results could go either way — the extra point could easily be an effect of the bravery boost on offense — it’s clear that the Equite-to-Hastati results show that VB’s method of calculating the damage is on the underestimation side AND that CW’s method is definitely an overestimation. The two methods combined do give a decent enough range, and I personally use them both – VB’s method for minimum hero calculations and CW’s method for minimum decoy calculation. (It’s a bit of an overkill, but compensates for unknown trait points on NPCs.)

I have more interesting results to show you, but that will wait until tomorrow – I’m going to do some more testing on it, on KennyPowers’ suggestion ^^

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